Mois has a furniture production facility which around 5000 sqm, placed on Bursa – İnegöl Highway. We have a huge
variety of top-notch house furniture solutions which is totally designed & produced by our high skilled staff & workers.
Our products are 100% made of solid wood & first quality MDF. And also, we use Sayerlack® to colorize our products.

The variety & quality of our products are always up-to-date within the current fashion & design trends which is shaped by
the needs of our customers.

Our vision is keeping the costumer satisfaction on top of everything by delivering on time and giving a product-based
after-sales support. Our quality policies are based on inspecting & keeping the demands of high-quality expectations of
our costumers on every phase of production process within the current fashion & design trends.

With the current success, quality & after-sales satisfaction, Mois has a well-known reputation about house furniture &
accesories. We are at your service, worldwide.